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Wedding Venue Ideas?

Hi! So my fiance and I have been what feels like everywhere in New Jerey, the outskirts of PA and even the Poconos looking for wedding venues. We are trying to spend no more than 110 per person including open bar and have just started looking in hudson valley. We want something unique and historical like an old bed and breakfast or a vineyard or really anything that doesnt have the wedding factory feel.

We are looking at West Point Winery but it looks like their per person is 115 and its byob... Has anyone had their wedding here? It looks beautiful, I'm just worried that it's out of our budget, we are looking to spend no more than 20,000 in total. It sounded like so much to me before we started this process..

Anyway, if anyone has any information about the winery or any ideas on venues I would appreciate it so much. We live in Brooklyn but his parents are from Ridgewood NJ so we are looking everywhere within 2 hours from Ridgewood.

Thanks so much, I'm so excitied about this process but right now I am desperate to have this part over with.

Re: Wedding Venue Ideas?

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    Hi! I'm getting married at the Thayer Hotel at West Point.... not sure where West Point Winery is but guessing it's close! It definitely was a budget changer, but we have the same issue with the groom's family (they are all on LI) so we wanted a place up in this area that had accomodations for everyone staying over. If you have any more questions you can definitely PM me! Good luck!! Once the venue is set, it's fun to do everything else!!
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    Hi I'm getting married at Rolling Greens in Poughkeepsie. Its definitely in your price range but its a golf course not sure if thats what you were looking for.. I went to college in the Poconos and use to work at Stroudsmoor Country Inn. Don't know if you checked it out but its a bed and breakfast and I believe they have packages in your price range.
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    I got married at THe Links at Unionvale in Lagrangeville.  It too is a golf course but was a wonderful venue and totally in your price range
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    Your story sounds a lot like mine when FI and I were searching for venues. We also live in Brooklyn and searched LI, CT, PA as well as the Hudson Valley. We also checked out the Stroudsmoor Inn, suggested by Jen. They are in your price range, and I thought their outdoor/semi-outdoor ceremony and reception areas were absolutely lovely. We did, however, think the interior reception spaces that would have worked for our wedding were a bit dark and dreary. But that was just our impression, I'd still recommend a visit there.

    We finally decided on Round Hill House in Washingtonville, NY, because like you, we were looking for something a bit different from the typical catering/banquet hall. Round Hill is a converted manor house with a lovely garden for ceremonies. They also have a deck with a walkway that leads to some small waterfalls behind the house, and during nice weather, this is where the cocktail hour is held. Depending on the month/day of your wedding, they fall within your budget.
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    we were in the same boat and ending up getting married at the Mansion at Colonial Terrace.  A converted mansion that does not have the catering hall vibe.  worth checking out.
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    We're getting married at the Meadowbrook in New Windsor, NY.  Our budget is smaller than yours, and we're still able to get everything we wanted in our package, including the open bar.  It is a nice family owned place and doesn't have that "wedding factory" feel to it.  And it has some really beautiful Art Nouveau elements in the decor and architecture that stood out for us.  The grounds are lovely too; we're having the ceremony outside.  Surprisingly affordable, I think it is a great value for what you get!  So excited to get married there (in TWO WEEKS!  Ahh!)
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    It's not exactly what you are looking for, but the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel does have really good per person (with top shelf open bar) prices. Their highest prices are on Saturday evening and they are $79, $89 or $109 a person.  So if you opt for a Friday, Saturday afternoon or Sunday wedding it could be even cheaper. 

    We just booked our venue at Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie and it's gorgeous there. There are large gardens with a mansion on the property. You can get married outside or they have a indoor option as well. The reception room is big and open and has doors that open out to a great wrap around patio.

    I will gladly share the pictures I took of the venue. One thing I should note about LG is that you do have to bring in your own caterer. I'm not sure how you feel about that. However, if you worked with your caterer you might be able to work something out. It's worth looking into...

    Hope this helps! (If you want to see lots of shots of the Locust Grove just PM me and I will send you a link Laughing)
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    Hi, when i was searching for venues this past year, a few that offered great menus at a great price in NJ in bergen county (i think bergen), were the royal manor which started at $70 up to 120. menu was nice. i would have chosen it, but the large room didn't have any windows and i wanted windows in my room. (i am a bit clostrophobic). the bride and grooms entry way is pretty cool, they walk down a staircase into the room. hope this info helps Laughing
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