Solved my "empty place setting" problem......

Took my daughter to the hairdresser tonight because she f*cked up her hair by trying to do her roots by herself. While there I read the new "Bride" mag, and they had a spread of photos on a vintage wedding. I don't consider mine vintage, but I was struck by a picture of placemats that had the guest's name in calligraphy on them. Perfect! I can't squeeze rental or purchase of chargers into my budget, and the plates will be on the buffet table. I thought these were reasonably priced @ $20 for 50, and my daughter is taking art classes and offered to do the calligraphy for me (OK, maybe I'm too anal, we'll see, LOL). I wrote the website down while we were there.

It goes perfectly with my black & white toile theme, and I feel better knowing the table area in front of each seat won't be empty. The napkins and silverware will be there too, but I just wanted something "extra", ya know?

I also ordered the matching menu cards, $10 for 50.

Link here if you are interested. They also have coasters in similar theme.


Re: Solved my "empty place setting" problem......

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