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Regency Studios, review of our photography/video

Hi Guys,

We used Regency Studios for our photos and video for our wedding that was now over a month ago.  I found them very expensive and difficult to work with,  their finished product was decent but not worth the headache.

The finished product was decent.  The photos were a little too traditional, posed and dry for my taste but to be fair they are good shots if that is what you are going for.  The video's effects are very dated but the footage was good.  Both videographer and photographer were easy to work with on the day of the wedding and kind. 

The problem I've had is with Margaret, she is the person you will deal with from beginning to end.  She is very pushy and patronizing.  I like to think of myself as a fair and reasonable person, but she really pushed my buttons and continues to do so.  I'm still dealing with them and still frustrated.  Although they have been paid in FULL, they refuse to give me my disc of images until my album is finished and printed.  The way I see it, we paid you, the wedding is over, you have the pictures, why do I need to wait for the production of my photo album to be completed (which takes months by the way) before you will give me my pictures that I've already paid you for.  I still haven't gotten an answer to this after many emails and phone calls.  She answers questions she wants to answer and ignores questions she doesn't want to answer. 

Many of my vendors were a dream, such as VIP Country Club, Jon Bates Band, Color Makeup Studio, but Regency Studios, happened to be on of those that just added and continues to add more stress and aggravation than necessary, not to mention over-priced.  Just some thoughts for you to consider when choosing a photographer.  If I had to do it over, I would have gone with someone else.

Re: Regency Studios, review of our photography/video

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    What photos do they use for the album? Don't you get to pick out the ones you want for the album? (How would you if they won't give you the discs?) Or does it work another way? Check your contract and read all the fine print and see if it's layed out anywhere.

    I definitly think you should have access to your discs. How long ago was your wedding?

    I hope you get this resolved soon!

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    krodnerkrodner member
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    They would only send us our prints, so we literally got a glamorized shoebox full of about 700+ loose pictures.  She then had us go through them and choose 130-150 of them for the website, and then EMAIL her a list of the number of every single picture we wanted on the website (there is a long number printed on the back of each photo).  So you can imagine what a project that was.  I suggested that there must be an easier way to do this... no response.  So we completed that, and now we now have to go in for a 1-2 hour meeting with her to decide the images we will use in our photoablum (i'm hoping she doesn't make me lug the shoe box in for that) not to mention we live out of state so to get down to NY isn't easy.  At that point she STILL won't give me my discs of my images, she insists on not giving us the discs until our album has finished being printed and we receive it.  As for the contract, it says we will receive our discs upon completion.  Stupid me, I assumed that meant when the wedding was over the images were uploaded and she was paid in full.  But nope, she's been paid, the wedding has been over for well over a month, she gave us the prints but is holding our imagaes 'hostage' as i joke with my husband and in-laws.   My issue is she refuses to explain to me what she is gaining by not giving us our pictures that we've paid for until the album has been printed.
    It's just a shame that I'm still angry, frustrated and dealing with this stuff.  So many of the vendors really went out of their way to make everthing so easy for us, whereas this vendor seems to be going out of her way to make things continue to be a headache... it almost feels vindictive and I can't for the life of me wrap my head around why this is going on.  Especially considering how expensive this vendor was.

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    Blu HeronBlu Heron member
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    You have a negative review about everyone.  You need help.  Why are you trying to destroy people's reputation?  
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    Krodner -- will the disc have all the photos or just the ones in the album?

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