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    CONGRATS!!! It's so funny now that I have been on here for a little and met some of the girls at the GTG, I truly get SUPER excited for you guys!!! Do you have anything that you need help with?? How are you feelng??
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    I can't believe it!  I had a minor issue this morning with a bridesmaid not fitting her dress, but I stayed calm and I'm so proud of myself!  I really am at the point where I'm answering "whatever or we'll figure it out".  I hope I stay this way! (crossing fingers).   How are you doing? 
    We're printing out programs right now and will start on place cards tonight.  Can't wait until all projects are done. 
    Two weeks today (4:30 pm your time) I'll be in the middle of our catholic ceremony.  Woohoo!!!!!!
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    I'm actually at a point too where nothing bothers me because I just don't have the energy lol!

    We've still got 4 people who havent' RSVPd and one guy who doesn't know if he's bringing a guest or not. I loath this part of the process. Why do people feel like its not important to tell us whether or not they are attending.

    I still a few DIY projects to do, this weekend I spent a lot of time on homework and recovering from my Bach. party. It was good fun though! I'm so glad I only have one class and my final exam left for school - I really hope I pass this class it has not received much attention between house hunting and wedding. Probably should've taken the semester off.

    I can't believe we are getting into the last days - we're 3 days from single digits.
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