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I am looking a nice cheap reception,hall and ideas

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  • Can you narrow it down a bit?  Location, guest count, price range maybe?  That would help!!
  • We have,90 guest and budget is 2,800 for the wedding we for somewhere in metro Detroit area like Southfield,Warren,Redford,etc.
  • Is that $2800 just for the reception, or everything? It is going to be tough if you also have to pay for the photographer, DJ, everything with that budget.

    Look into the Gazebo in Warren, you may be able to get something in that price range.

    When looking at vendors, don't just go off the menus they have online and if the prices appear high, exclude them. I found many vendors are willing to negotiate, or offer other options such as an afternoon or brunch event. You can save money by having your reception on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon or evening, they charge less then. Also, having it during the "off season" of weddings, such as November - March can also save money.

    If that entire amount is for just the reception, you need to be looking at places that charge about $22 per person because $2800/90 = $31 per person........caterers and halls tack on extra gratuity and taxes, and it often ends up costing about $10 per person when it is all done.

    If you can find a nice park with minimal rental fees (there is a nice one in Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Park on 13 1/2 mile just west of Southfield Rd), you may be able to find a caterer that can do food and alcohol in that price range, but you'd still need to bring in your own tables and chairs, etc.

    Good luck.

  • Metro Beach has a really pretty pavillion and decent pricing. Or Huckleberry Railroad & Crossroads Village-this venue is BEAUTIFUL and very very reasonable. One of my coworkers got married here and had her reception as well.
  • Check out Pi Banquet Hall in Southfield!
  • Zuccarros is great, filmed there May 12th this year.  Castle farms is stunning.

  • Try Lakeland Manor its in st Claire shores they were really cheap included a lot and when we told them our budget they gave me everything I wanted for that price. Craig and Jim father and son really worked with us.
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