NWR - Flakey Eyebrows

This morning I had an itchy eyebrow and scratched it and it just started flaking to no end.  I wash my face daily (I have an oily t-zone).  I don't wear makeup per ser.  Any suggestions?  I have tried using a brow brush to remove the flakes or tweezers to take them out.

Re: NWR - Flakey Eyebrows

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    MMRoberts11MMRoberts11 member
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    I agree, I would use moisturizer.
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    PhoneCardLadyPhoneCardLady member
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    Sounds good.  I do use a facial cream occasionally but never thought about applying it to my eyebrows.
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    Meegles4Meegles4 member
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    Definitely moisturizer...but if it continues to be an issue, see a dermatologist. I have a really flaky scalp and for awhile also had red around my eyebrows and nose. My derm gave me prescription strength lotion that helped a bit -- when I remembered to use it :-)
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