Recomend your fave bar for a bach party

hi ladies!  i am MOH and planning the bach party. although i just had a baby a bit ago and am very much out of the loop on a good bar for later in the evening. any suggestions? we are starting the evening in garden city.
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Re: Recomend your fave bar for a bach party

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    lisa89760lisa89760 member
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    I just helped plan a bachelorette party a couple weekends ago...we took a party bus to Novi and went to the Liquor Store and Mixx...both fun bars.

    There is a bar in Livonia at like Plymouth & Farmington called Slingers that I've heard is fun...I haven't been in a few years when it was called something different but they give you sticks and you can stand on the bar stools and bang on everything it's fun.  that might be closer to you. 
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    I was going to say Liquor Store in Novi as well. Or you could always do the bars inside the casinos? MGM has several different ones, depending on your mood/style one of them would be fun!
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    I planned my sisters Bachelorette party last year, and we went to Bookies in Downtown Detroit. We paid $50 per person, which included the rental of the entire second floor with our own personal bartender, unlimited drinks and shots all night, and access to their shuttle (we rented hotel rooms, so that was useful to us). They have an upstairs bar area that us more clubby, and the main floor which is more like a sports bar. We had an amazing time, and for our crew the $50 was definitely a bargain!

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    klreese0213klreese0213 member
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    Here's what i did for my sister's bach party last summer.
    everyone paid $50. We gathered at her house (bc it's much bigger then mine) played some games. everyone brought 1 pair of panties and put them  all in a bag. my sister pulled them out and had to guess who bought them for her. if she guess wrong she took a shot w/ whoever bought the panties for her. it was SO much fun!!
    For the $50, i bought a ton of booze, pizza, salad, apps, cake, etc and we partied at her house (her friends were BIG partiers). We had plenty of booze to put in the limo with us (limo included in the 50). so no one had to buy drinks in the bar. the $50 also inclided any drinks my sister wanted at the bar.

    We were to downtown Mt. Clemans. Although that location won't help you.

    Some places ive been to that are fun: JD's Key Club in Pontiac. If there's a bar similar to that down river area that'd be a GREAT place to start.
    I'm not familiar with the bars down that way but think if you go to a "downtown" area you should be ok :)
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