Post your pets!

I know a lot of us have pets, so I thought it would be cute to see everyone's.

This is our cat Madden. He is evil and awesome.

This is Shelby. She is a German Shepherd mix. This was her Halloween costume she was Kung-Fu Shelby. ( I realize that dressing her up in this costume is totally strange/geeky behavior)


Re: Post your pets!

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    We have the coolest cat of all time. His name is Gojira. Goji for short:

    Here he's sleepy:

    If you can't tell, he's HUGE.

    Also my parents have the most awesome dog.  Her name is Cheeto and she's an 80 pound golden doodle (get it?). I kind of consider her mine too:

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    OMG - Your dog is sooo cute! We used to dress up our dogs for halloween too so its totally normal in my book!

    My two little monsters are


    and Squeaky:

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    Also Jaime... you're not weird. Meet lobster kitty:

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    Breanne - your dog is adorable too.

    And lobster kitty = hilarious!
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    Thanks! I love lobster kitty, even though I'm not sure kitty does...
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    LOL Thanks MrsBrian & Lobster cat is hilarious.

    This is Madden in his squirrel costume my sister bought him. He was a little too chunky to fit in it and he was not amused.

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    OMG...the costumes are so fricken cute! We have a french bulldog who was the runt of the litter...Benny Benster...he snorts like a piggy and is such a baby...you have to carry him down steps because he won't go down by himself.
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    Haha I love lobster and squirrel kitty (although based on squirrel kitty's face, it doesn't look like he enjoys it nearly as much as I do!)

    This is Max, my parent's Lab.  He's not nearly this small anymore as it was taken a few years ago but I love this photo of him.  It looksl ike the photo is edited with a cartoon smile but it's not.

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    This is Ralph Macchio.  He just turned 8 months on the 13th. 
    I took this pic of him yesterday.  My poor little baby was sick and slept curled up on the couch for hours! :(  Thankfully he is feeling much better today and we have been playing fetch while I surf TK!

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    Here are my rescue pit bulls Donut and Derrick:) They are the biggest sweeties! I'm a big advocate for the breed and try to educate people that these wonderful dogs are not mean or vicious.....they are big cuddlers:)

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    These are my two little monsters. Even though they only weigh 8 and 15 lbs they really think they are German Shepards or something. LOL

    YAY for pet posts! The lobster kitty is my fav- so cute!
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    Thanks ladies, Lobster kitty totally loves you too! Everybody has such cute furbabies!
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    I love this threat!!!  Lobster Kitty is too cute! 

    I have 4 furry children: Rita - 2 year old Beagle/hound mix, Walter - 5 month old Puggle, Buddy - 3 year old fat cat, and Gypsy - 2 year old "mean old lady" (as my nieces and nephews call her because she hates everyone besides me and FI).



    Cuddling :)


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    Coney, Our Miniature Dachshund....Loves the Computer.
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    1. Love Dachsunds, I grew up with a Basset hound (such a sweetie)

    2. OMG cuddling picture!!! That's adorable!
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    Datsyuk is Basset hound/Great pyrenees mix. He's about a year and a half old.

    Dixie is almost a year old. She is a Beagle/Jack Russell mix.

    Both are rescues.

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    Haha this is our little baby @  8 weeks old......she always looks ticked in her pictures and she hates baths!!!

    Here she is again around Thanksgiving.....I'll have to find some more recent pics of her   :)

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    OOO yay I can finally participate because I just got a little kitten for my birthday a few months ago!

    This is the most recent picture I have.  He is so goofy, he likes to perch on mine or FI's shoulder while we're eating to try and get at our food.  He's so cuuuute.
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    Pets are very exspensive to have at our apartment, so we don't have any. But, I'll post FI's parents dogs.


    Tucker (on the right, Golden Retriever)

    I'm not sure what mix Kane is, but they are both awesome dogs. When we're able to start looking for houses, we'll likely be getting a Golden Retriever.
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    Yay for furbabies!!

    I have two pain-in-the-butt kitties: 

    Peaches Marie - 8 1/2 years old

    And Halo who will be 15 years old next month!

    I love the squirrel and lobster costumes too!  My babies won't let us dress them up...trust me, we've tried. 
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    There were my babies, they have all passed.  I don' think I'll be getting any more for a while.

    This is TJ, he a mix not really sure what.

    This is whiskey ( we got him from a shelter and that was his name so we kept it) and princess, he's not sure who she is yet.

    Princess just loved to bother TJ but they really got along good.
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    MY babies. Naked kitties :) Bea (black) and Bronxe (white)

    our English Bully, she was 5 months in this pic, she's 2 1/2 now.. but this is by far the cutest pic of her! (and Fi)

    Our Keeshond, Buddy. sadly, he had cancer and we had to put him to sleep in Dec :(  But he's still our baby!

    we got new computers in december and i still don't have all my old pictures on this laptop yet :( so those are pretty much the only pictures i have on here.
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    AHHH I love this!!  They are all so cute!!

    emarston is your lab wearing a state collar??  I'm guessing from your siggy pic that you are a state fan...you might like this pic.  Since I have a current pic of Monte is in my siggy I'll post an old pic:

    Fi (a MSU grad) likes this pic because I'm wearing a U of M shirt and Monte is trying to bite me.  That MSU collar of his was a battle I lost!
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    This is Aubrey - she's an 8 month old puggle.  Don't be fooled by her cute looks- she loves to get into trouble!
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    My babies are in my siggie.
    Below is Nelly's Santa outfit. It does come w/ a hat & beard. She wore this to the Northville Jingle Bell Run/Walk 2 years ago.

    Nelly also has a Snow White costume, which you can see she's not very happy about. Please excuse the mess behind me.

    Seamus will get a costume this Halloween for sure! I look at the pic below & I can't believe how big he has gotten!

  • sunkissed212sunkissed212 member
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    I don't have many good pics of him, but this is Snick.  Taryn and I have decided that he is a long lost brother to her cat Bo.  They look like they could be twins.

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    I'm late, but these are the fur monsters, Destruction and Mayhem (aka, Desi & May).  They are so naughty, but so much fun!


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    We have an English Bulldog named Jiggs who will be 6 in May and a pug/keeshound mix (maybe??) named Liberty.  She will 5 in July.  This is them in their Christmas Reindeer ears.

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    Awww...yay for Snickerdoodle!  He is definitely Bo's twin. :)

    Here're my babies.  They are biiiiiiig bubbas...but I love how big and cuddly they are!  Sam is 20lbs and Bo is around 15lbs.

    Sammy Sam:

    Bo-ber Kitty:

    Cuddle Bugs:

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    I'm super late, but here are my fur babies -- two little black kitties, Mohawk and Cinco, both soon to turn 4 years old (they're brother and sister).  Unlike Taryn's, mine are quite small - only 5 and 10 lbs.  We joke that the female (the 5 lbs one) is just a kitten that never grew up!  Her meow is just a little squeak.
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