Asian bride hair and make-up (and one additional general question about make-up)

Hello Detroit Brides--

It looks like I post one question every day. Just when I think I solved one problem, another pops up. And I wanted to thank you ladies - I looked through old posts and vendor reviews, and they were so helpful!! Thanks to Sue for leading me to this board. =)

Anyway, my question for the day is...

Are there any Asian brides that can share where you did your hair and make-up? I'm less worried about hair, but more worried about make-up. I'm sure most Asian bride will share this anxiety(?). Haven't come across any good make-up place where they can do Asian eye make-up. Almost always, I end up looking like a panda bear. Someone told me En-Unison Salon in Livonia. Did anyone get their make-up done there? Or do you know of any other place..?

Also, one question about make-up in general. I've hearing some brides doing trial make-up session on their engagement picture day. Has anyone done this?

Thanks for your help agin!
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Re: Asian bride hair and make-up (and one additional general question about make-up)

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    Sorry I can't help with the make up question. As far as the trial make up sessions. I would assume that most people are going to try to plan their trial run with some special event.  My birthday is coming up so I'm probably going to try to do some type of test run on my bday. Doing it for your enagement pics sounds like a good idea but  if you don't like the make up it can mess up your pics.  Would you be ok with redoing your make up for your engagement pics if you dont like your trial run? If not, then you would need to be ok speaking up and asking them to make changes to the makeup.
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    I definitely recommend a trail-run for your makeup if you're nervous about how it will turn out. If you don't like what they do for the trial you'll be able to guide them as to what your expectations are for the day-of.

    Also, make sure you find pictures of hair/makeup that you like and are interested in, having visual aids will make it a lot easier for the makeup artist/hairstylist.
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    Still not much luck finding a place other than the one I mentioned. But I guess it's a reason to "pamper" myself with all these trial make-ups. LOL. I'll definitely have trial sessions and see what happens. Thanks for your recommendations!!
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    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of Asian? I know several Indian artists I could recommend. Also I know of a few who specialize in Arabic style (although that obviously isn't Asian).
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    I know someone who is part Asian and part White.  I was going to have her do my wedding make up, but I haven't done a trial yet.  Do you want her contact information? 
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    PS, I totally know what you're talking about.  White people who do my make up make me look like Michael Jackson with two black eyes.  To me this tells me that they don't actually understand shadows, light, contour, anything an artist would know.  They paint blush in parts that are not raised, they paint dark shadows into parts of the face that aren't even valley's on Asians.  They only know a set routine of how they put on make up, and assume that they can do the same markings on a totally differently contoured face.  They don't actually understand shading, highlighting, or any thing like that, which an artist should understand.   It's funny how it really is about painting a face.
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