I just looked at your vendor list. I'm still in the process of looking for a caterer and looked up the one you are using, Catering 2 you. How have they been to work with? Are they responsive, etc. How many people are you having? How are their prices?

I always like to support local companies.

We have over a year, so I'm starting to look in earnest. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I Looooooove them! They catered my bridal shower and they were sooooooo Helpful and great to work with. they even helped set stuff up! the food tasted great and I think their prices are pretty comparable! I hope that helps!
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    Yes, thanks. I'll add them to my list of "auditioners".

    Did you meet with them in their kitchen for any taste tests?
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    Actually, I didn't they were refferred to me by a good friend and the food turned out to be wonderful at the shower! they will make something for you if you want them to though...
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