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Just wondering if you ladies are having a host and hostess at your wedding?  My mom keeps bugging me about it, but I'm not sure if I want to have them.  My understanding is that they just greet people and have them sign the guestbook.  Thoughts?

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    I don't really see that it's necessary. However, you can have a guestbook attendant. They make sure guests sign the book when they walk in the door. My parents and FI's parents will be at the reception hall a bit early to greet guests when they start to arrive, but that's just because they want to.

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    We're likely going to have one of FI's brothers be our "host" to hand out programs at the ceremony. Nothing more than that though.
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    I am having a considerably big wedding and bridal party. I also have 4 hostess and 2 ushers. The ushers will walk down the grandmom's, MOB, MOG, and other important fam members. The hostesses will help out with directing guests to their seats, pass out wedding programs, keep all the immediate fam together directly after the ceremony so they are ready to take pics, and whatever else my day of coordinator needs help with.
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    Do you have a DOC? He or she should be handling this. Or if your parents are paying and/or they are on the invitation, it kinda implies that they are the host and hostess. 

    My parents, along with my FMIL will be acting as host and hostess, (greeting everyone) and my DOC will be making sure everyone gets their place cards and signs the guest book. One of our ushers will be handing out programs.  It may be a good idea, because it keeps things organized and your guest are not confused. If you don't really care about that then I guess there is no need for a host and hostess. But by the sounds of your post, your mother seems concerned, and she may just do what she wants and take over the job.....yes?
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