Turkey Trot!

Anyone doing it?

FI & I will be running the 10K. This will be my first 10K (I've done some 5's) and my first Turkey Trot! I had to march in the parade a few years ago..I am muchhh more excited about this!
June 16, 2012

Re: Turkey Trot!

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    My sister did it last year and I think she's doing it again this year... I want to but didn't have the money to sign up, plus it's just a few days after we get back from the HM so I don't know if I'll really want to - I DO want to in the future though. Good luck!
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    Meegles4Meegles4 member
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    I usually watch it...does that count? :-)
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    drewmwdrewmw member
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    The store that I work for sponsors it! So I'll be working... otherwise I would totally do it. Good luck~
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    sarammaressarammares member
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    my fiance and i ran last year and we're running again! only doing the 5K though since we're headed to the lions game after. good luck! it really is a lot of fun!!!!
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