Cake or Cupcakes

Is it typically cheaper to get a cake or cupcakes?  I'm not so concerned about the "look" of it.  Just want to make sure it tastes great!
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    I think it depends from bakery to bakery.  We're doing a smaller 3 tiered cake (about a 3rd of our servings of cake) and then two sheet cakes that won't be decorated or seen (and therefore are MUCH cheaper).  This was the cheapest option at our bakery (to get the amount of servings we want and a variety of flavors).

    My family are BIG dessert people and I just knew if I had cupcakes I'd have to order a TON of extras because my family would want one of each flavor. 

    Pick a bakery that you enjoy their flavors and ask them about pricing and options.  Smile
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    We opted for cupcakes over a traditional cake because our venue charges a $2.25/per slice cutting fee. That's insane and I refuse to pay for that. It would come out to over $300 for us, just to cut a cake. Of course, we could have a friend of family member do it, but honestly, I don't think anyone would want that job and it seems like it would be a hassle to them. Sooo we opted for cupcakes! Plus, the baker we booked charges $0.25 less per person for cupcakes than for cakes, so we're saving a little bit there too :)
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    We opted for a 4 tier cake (DH wanted 5 tier...I wanted something smaller...so we compromised).  Only one layer was real, and we had 2 sheet cakes in the back.  At our venue cake cutting was included.
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    We had a huge cake, very affordable, and no cake cutting fee from our caterer.

    Like PPs mentioned, it depends on the baker.  
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    Milsey, who did your cake?  We were going to opt for cupcakes as well because we are using an "outside the box" venue so there won't be anybody there to cut and serve cake.
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    It was less expensive for us to do cupcakes - and we did a small cake to cut at the ceremony.
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