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I dreamt last night that Todd and I were on our honeymoon but when we tried to check in at the hotel, they had no record of our reservation.  I had the confirmations I printed out from Expedia but they said "We've never heard of them, and we don't do business with them."  So they wouldn't let us stay at the hotel because they were at capacity!  We flew all the way down there and then had to bump up our return flight and fly home.

Needless to say I was very sad but thankful when I woke up!

What weird wedding dreams have you had lately?

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    I have been having wedding dreams all week.  It is mostly just about stuff that I still need to finish.  So thankfully they haven't been too weird. 
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    I had a dream that it was the night before my wedding, and my super awesome designer dress was somehow ruined. The only place to get a new dress was at this grocery store, and there was only one dress there. The tricky part was I had to do a bunch of challenges to win the dress, and then once I won it - I had to carry the dress through an obstacle course of crushed tomatoes!!
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    my most recent one was last night. I had to cancel my appointment at a dress shop because of last minute plans (this is true) however, my plans ended up being canceled and i know that the shop was running an all weekend trunk sale. i knew they HAD to be open and likely would have ladies there. But when i got to the shop it ended up being this lady's house, the place was a dig style because of the trunk show. Apparently i showed up WAY too late. She was more busy with closing "shop" then helping me find a dress. I walked out without even trying on anything. the end :(
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