Hello ladies, wondering if you or anyone you know has used Gina Harrison Photography?  She is based out of Saline.  Just hoping for some input.  Good or bad, please don't hold back.  :)


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    edited December 2011
    I took a look at her site and she has some solid photos. As a wedding photographer myself, can I suggest something? (FYI, please don't take this as me pimping myself, because I am not) In my opinion, the most IMPORTANT thing about choosing a wedding photographer is that you and your photographer like each other, you like their personality, get their jokes, etc. The one person that is with you the whole day, from getting dressed to the walking out is the photog, and trust me by the end of the night, if you don't really mesh well with the photographer it will show in the pictures. 

    You definately want reviews, but you also need to meet with them....even over coffee...not many people like being in front of the camera, and if you genuinely like the person taking the photos you will relax; relax = amazing photos.

    Case in point, (I am engaged as well) I fell completely IN LOVE with a wedding photographers portfolio online, I mean I loved everything he did, but I met with him at the studio and something was off... I couldn't see myself spending 10 hours with this person... so I had to find someone else.. 

    Just my two cents! Congrats on the engagement.
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