Davis Entertainment........Sue-and-Kevin

Hey Sue

I was looking at old posts about DJs and looked into Davis Entertainment, this is the DJ you guys used right? if so how did you like him? I want my DJ to beable to engage the crowd but not be abnoxous. His price is so affordable its almost to good to be true!

appreciate the feedback!

Re: Davis Entertainment........Sue-and-Kevin

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    edited January 2012
    Thank you!! this was a big help!

    I wasnt planning on using him for our officiant......his pics online are not the most professional looking. He was really fast to reply to my email, within a couple hours he called me with a price.

    Thanks again for your review!
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    I just booked Davis entertainment. There is a spot on the forms where you pick which genre of music is best fitting for your guests. There like blues, rap, 80's, country, and new hits. So I think that may help.
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