What kind of veil should I buy with this dress?

My dress is an Essense of Australia gown and it is off white in color.
The back is very cute, however, I still kind of want a long veil.

Let me know what you ladies think would look best for the church ceremony and/or reception

Re: What kind of veil should I buy with this dress?

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    I think you could do a fingertip veil and it would cover your open back. You could also do a cathedral veil if you wanted soemthing long.

    I would do something that doesn't have a lot of layers to it, so you don't hide the lovely detailing on the back.
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    Beautiful dress!  Since you want long, I'd recommend a single layer simple veil that's just straight tulle.  If you want some details I'd consider a mantilla veil and try to get one to match the lace details (or something similar) to the dress.
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