Seating Chart

So I'm starting on our seating chart and am not even sure where to start. 

My parents are divorced so I have 4 families to seat (mom's, dad's, step mom's, step dad's) plus FI's family. Do I need to block families together? Or should they be mixed...

Ugh, any seating advice is appreciated!

Thanks ladies!
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Re: Seating Chart

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    We put families together. I've heard some bride's mixing family but I can see how some guests would not appreciate that. 
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    I will be keeping families at a table but mixing the families by their table location.
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    What PP said.
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    I was going to mix families more than I actually did, but I remembered some people in my family are big babies and will whine if there is a table of people they do not know between them and the rest of the family.  So to accommodate that we mostly stuck my family together, and his family together with the exception of special requests to not seat people near eachother.
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