photobooth props - need inspiration

If you were going to a wedding with a photobooth, what would you hope would be in the prop box?

Right now I have a clown hat, 3 chalkboards to write on, those glasses with noses and mustaches, and some other funny sun-glasses my MIL gave me.  I want to add a few feather boas.  Any other ideas?
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Re: photobooth props - need inspiration

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    You're using a lot of maps for your wedding, right? Maybe some pirate hats or a telescope thing (I have no idea what they are called - like a one eyed binocular thing). Something adventurous. Otherwise, I always go for the huge sunglasses and a bright boa :) I'd stop by a dollar store and see what they have. Since most places are stocking up for Halloween already you may have luck :)
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    I love everything you've got so far.  We're going to do silhouette-style props cut from black cardstock and attached to sticks - victorian-style.  Curly mustaches, top hats and monocles.  Can't wait!
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    I brought in our own props for our photobooth and just raided the dollar stores and Big Lots.  He had everything you listed, plus a few masks, different kinds of hats, some necklaces, a princess crown, some scarfs, crazy glasses and some other stuff. The Dollar Tree had TONS of stuff and I bet with Halloween coming up, you could find more.


    Here is a link to our gallery if you want some more inspiration.
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  • Mrs0toBeMrs0toBe member
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    how about some plastic cigars?
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    I was going to suggest what Mel did -- glue some felt or carstock mustaches to dowel rods. Also, maybe a bowler hat. I also love the telescope idea to go with your theme!
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    I just got married on Saturday and was looking at the photobooth pipctures. The most popular props at my wedding were the zebra print cowboy hat, a fedora, zebra print sunglasses, glasses with big eyelashes on them, a tiara, a fan with feather trim, a microphone and signs that said "I'm in love" and "wedding crashers".
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    You can also do animal hats, a huge fake toothbrush, swords, a clown nose...etc....My photobooth brought all the props for us.
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    Thanks ladies!  These are really helpful - to the dollar store I go!
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    some plastic blow up guitars, funny antenna headbands. Idk with Halloween getting close there's so many more possibilities.
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    If you just stop into party city, you will find EVERYthing for a perfect prop box! our friends are crazy and we always bring one camping with us. its always a hit after a few barley pops!
  • I like where you are going so far with your prop ideas! Have you ever tried looking for props through etsy? They have amazing photobooth props! 

    Live.Laugh.Love.Lots! has props with a Mad Men theme and cute dry erase speech bubbles that you and your guests can write on! 

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