chivaii Chairs Breaking

Hello!  General Question- Has anybody ever heard or/seen/etc a chivari chair breaking?  The standard "wood" chivari's have a 250-300lb weight limit on them. The resin (more expensive) hold up to a thousand pounds.   
I would love to have the chairs but can't see spending $8 dollars a chair.
 I have a 3 or 4 guests I am al little concerned may be pushing the 300lb or more and would be absolutely devastated if something were to happen while they were sitting in the chair.
  With that being said- has anybody ever used Avanti Furniture for chairs or know anything about them?

 Thanks so much!  Hope everyone had a nice Monday :-)

Re: chivaii Chairs Breaking

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    I got my chairs/linens from affairs to remember. I also looked at affordable elegance and chiavari chair rental (in ann arbor). I am paying $8/person for chairs & linens & napkins. Affordable elegance is $8.50/person for a similar package and the other company is $5/chair. 

    Do not pay $8/chair!!! That is how much my venue was charging, but I chose to go elsewhere. 
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    I had the same issue!!! I tried Affordable Elegance first & could not justify spending that much. I ended up going with Linens & Beyond. She offered resin chairs for $4.50. Even though my FI vetoed the chivaris--he doesn't think they look good, I think he's crazy lol-we still used L&B. 
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    The girl at affordable elegane would not call me back or send me the stuff she said she would. When i would call her out on it, she always had some excuse. I'm planning a wedding from out of state & I'm not famillar with Detroit...I don't have time for flakiness!
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