The MakeUp Loft?

Hi knotties!!

Has anyone used the MakeUp Loft in Canton before? I have checked the stickies and haven't been able to find anything really - so any advice would be great!!!

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Re: The MakeUp Loft?

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    There are a ton of reviews on The Makeup Loft if you look on The Knot under The Makeup Loft or wedding Wire also we have reviews listed on the website www.themakeuploft.org
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    I’ve been told that someone must really be disappointed if they are willing to take the time & write a review.  As a bride to be, I would want to know the nitty gritty about my vendors because I wouldn’t want to waste my time or my $$.  Unfortunately I felt that I did both with Janelle Thomason at The Makeup Loft.   DETAILSI was so excited when I found The Makeup Loft online.  I saw that Janelle (the owner) had done the make up for Ms. USA 2010 so I felt that she must be good.  When I first talked to Janelle on the phone (in 2010) she told me that if I signed the contract & set my appointments before the end of 2010 for my 2011 wedding that I would receive 2010 pricing (her pricing was set to increase in 2011.)  This is the pricing I was quoted: $100 hair & make up trial – bride/any bridal party member$150 bride hair & makeup - day of event$50 per face – for just make up$50 travel fee – I planned to have her travel to my wedding site day of My Mom wanted just her makeup done, my sister wanted hair & make up, & so did I.  I sent in the contract in 2010 with all the details & was looking forward to my trial in March.  I was asked to send in a $100 deposit that would be used towards services.  Specifically, Janelle told me it would be used to cover my trial (perfect!)  I had been in touch with Janelle & her assistant, Christina frequently until our March trial date.  They were never hard to get in touch with via email or phone (this is an important fact for later in the story.) EXPERIENCEOn March 5th at 2PM we arrived at the new store location in downtown Plymouth off of Main Street for our appointments.  We stood around for at least 20 minutes while Janelle chatted with customers – we felt neglected & that our time wasn’t important.  Christina was sitting at the front desk & could have easily talked about appointments/helped customers.  Janelle finally came over to us & apologized for making us wait…   Janelle applied my sister’s make up first & I had my hair done by the hairstylist.  I heard my sister tell Janelle her face was oily (important face for later.)  I brought a picture (from numerous angles) of what I was hoping for (half up, half down, big curls) – nothing elaborate.  When she was done I wasn’t impressed.  I looked like Shirley Temple – the curls were very tight & little... other than the part being on the right side of my head, it looked NOTHING like the picture.  I was disappointed with the hair because Janelle had assured me that even though they were The Make Up Loft, their hairstylists were just as good.  At this point, although I wasn’t pleased it wasn’t a deal breaker for me… I figured I could work with the hairstylist on the day of.  Meanwhile, Janelle was busy chatting away with whoever came into the salon.  She would leave my sister mid make up application to show someone something or talk with someone.  It was really rude.  Her actual make up application for my sister & I took about 20 minutes each (at the most.)  My Mom’s was even shorter… 10-15 minutes max.  I have been told that good, thorough make up application takes an hour, per face.  Janelle repeatedly told us that the makeup would last through the night.  We were happy to hear this - of course!  While we were at the salon Janelle asked about my wedding party… I reminded her that it would be me, my sister, & Mom getting our makeup done & just my sister & I getting our hair done.  She then told us that there would be a “Small Party Fee.”  This was news to me!  She told me that the Small Party Fee would be an additional $50.  What was frustrating is that she had my contract back in 2010 where I had written out all of the services & who would be receiving them so she knew the size of the bridal party was.  Why wouldn’t she have told me about this fee then?  When we were getting ready to leave Christina told me that I owed $115 for my trial.  $100 for the hair & makeup trial$15 for the eyelash applicationI told Christina that I was told that my $100 deposit covered at least my trial.  She told me that my deposit covered my Small Party Fee & Travel Fee.  Why would you pay up front for a Travel Fee?  What if after the trial you decided not to use a makeup artist?  Keep in mind, I was never even told about the Small Party Fee.  If Janelle or Christina supposedly didn’t know that I had a Small Party why would they charge me up front for a Small Party Fee, as well?  I was irritated & confused but paid the additional $100.   When we left my Mom told me that Christina had invoiced her at $65 for her makeup trial.  She also told me she questioned Christina about it but that Christina told her that that was their new 2011 pricing.  My Mom said Christina double checked with Janelle about the pricing & Janelle said $65 was correct.  Now if you remember, Janelle had told me if I sent in my contract in 2010, I would receive 2010 pricing - $50 a face.    The cherry on this disastrous sundae was that by 6PM (4 hours later) my sister’s make up had completely melted down her face.  She took pictures because she was so disappointed.  My make up did not melt off but underneath my eyes had black smudges… like bags underneath my eyes by 7PM.  The makeup did NOT last through the night… not even half way through the night.  DISAPPEARING ACTAfter my mom had told me about the charge confusion in the car, I called Janelle on the ride home to clarify/ask her about it.  She didn’t answer so I left a voicemail explaining that I had some questions about the appointment.  I figured she would call right back, especially because we had just left.  I would want to know client feedback immediately.  The next day (in the afternoon), I called again because I wanted to explain to her what happened with the makeup later that evening & ask about the charge.  She didn’t answer, so I left another voicemail.  On Monday when I hadn’t heard back, I emailed her & Christina at themakeuploft@gmail.com  & did not receive a response.  I didn’t reach out to them on Wednesday & still heard nothing.  On Thursday, I attempted to call again & Janelle answered.  She said she had been sick & that she also had a wedding after we left on Saturday.  She didn’t get my voicemails?  She couldn’t respond via email or have Christina respond to me?  They were both so on top of it & easy to talk with before the trial.  I knew then that I was not a valued client.   DETAILS CONTINUEDI explained to her my concerns:The Make Up (smudging/bleeding only a few hours later) – I explained to her that I had heard my sister warn her that she had an oily face… Janelle told me that she had never heard of her makeup smudging or bleeding.  Well, it unfortunately did to both my sister & I.My Mom’s Overcharge ($15 more than quoted) – she told me she “forgot” that I was a 2010 bride.  As a businesswoman shouldn’t she know her clients?  Or at least brush up on them before they come in?  The SURPRISE Small Party Fee (I knew nothing about) – she didn’t have a response to this…. I have no problem paying $50 it was the fact I wasn’t told up front when we were discussing pricing/the contract & the fact she had me pay it up front without knowing about it.  It felt deceitful.  The Deposit – she told me that the $100 deposit could have gone towards whatever part of the services I had wanted it to go towards.  I told her I had wanted it to go towards the trial like she had originally suggested herself.  At the trial, Christina had told me it covered the Small Party Fee & Travel Fee not my trial.    Janelle told me she wished she had known this information sooner…  I told her that I had been trying to get in touch with her since I left the salon & for almost a week.  She didn’t have anything to say to that except that she had been sick & had a wedding that past weekend.   At the end of the conversation, Janelle told me that she would give me back my deposit as well as my Mom’s overcharge of $15 - I told her I appreciated it.  Although this didn’t take away the time, frustration, disappointment, & other $$ we had spent there.  I received a voicemail from Christina on Wednesday, 3/9 that my check was being sent in the mail that day.  By 3/23 (2 weeks later) I hadn’t received anything so I followed up with an email checking on the status.  Christina responded with “can I have your address?”  Why didn’t Christina or Janelle ask for my address 2 weeks ago when I was told the check was being sent?  My address is all over the contract & information I had submitted.  A week later (at the end of March) I received the check.  I believe that if I hadn’t sent that follow up email checking on the status of the check that I would have never received it.  It felt very dishonest.   As a client of The Make Up Loft I felt unimportant enough to remember (she didn’t remember details we had discussed) & unimportant enough to pay attention to (while other customers came in to the salon.)  I felt ripped off (the makeup didn’t last 4 hours) & cheated (she misquoted me repeatedly.)  She ignored my calls (when she knew I had something to say) & she took a month to reimburse me $$.  I hope that I can prevent another bride-to-be from going through this.  Wedding planning & prepping should be fun!  POOR BUSINESS on The Make Up Loft’s behalf. 
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