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Has anyone had their wedding at Belle Isle? Do they still rent for weddings? i am not able to find any information or recent blogs on them and weddings.

If youve been there, was it nice? I love love love the outside, but having to rent everything scares me!

please let me know.
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Re: belle isle casino

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    edited December 2011
    They still rent for weddings. However, I have yet to read anything good about them. They open up dates for the next year on June 1. So basically you take your deposit and wait in line and hope your date is available by the time you reach the front of the line. Everything I read about customer service has been really bad. I also am nervous about a summer wedding there because after it gets dark it can get sketchy.

    I also looked into this location.
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    Hi! There have been some recent posts/questions about this venue (search in the post backlogs for "Fresh blood/Belle Isle" post).

    It's your decision, but with all things wedding-related, if you hear a negative review, it's probably best to move on...otherwise it's just one more thing to stress out about.
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