Cute idea for Valentine's Day

I went shopping with Kevin last weekend at the liquor store at Selfridge (as a vet he gets to shop at the stores on base).

They had this adorable liquor called Valentine Vodka. The bottle we bought had a tiny silver metal flask on it that probably holds about an ounce, but it was so cute. I don't buy liquor much and had never seen it before.

It's made right here in MIchigan, link here: http://www.valentinevodka.com/goods.html

Locations where it is sold here: http://www.valentinevodka.com/find.html

Even without the flask, it's cute for Valentine's Day. My daughter has claimed the bottle when it's empty because she likes it LOL

Re: Cute idea for Valentine's Day

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    We literally just went to their distillery a few weeks ago to celebrate a buddies birthday.  The vodka is great!  It was a neat little place in Ferndale.  You are right...a very cute idea.

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    Wow, that's cool! Do they have a party room, or give tours?
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    We just so happen to stumble into their distillery! We went out to dinner in Ferndale and when we walked back to the car, we saw the red light outside of their building! We went and checked it out and it's really fun in there! I'm pretty sure they didn't have any signage either, just a red light! We are planning on going back soon and have a drink or two!

    As for a party room, I don't know. It is quite small as it is, so I wonder if you could just host a private event with them anyway?

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