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I know you had mentioned doing a popcorn buffet, and I fell in love with the idea! 
But what did you use to hold the popcorn?

I tried finding some galvanized steel tubs, but they are a little pricey! I was hoping you had some suggestions!

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Re: **Milsey32**

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    We bought black plastic bowls/tubs(?) from Michaels. I have 5 (or 6?) ... do you want them? And my scoops? - The tubs aren't that big but the caterers kindly continued to refill the bowls as necessary. 

    Also -- I don't know where you were planning on getting popcorn but we went to the Popcorn Wagon in Frankenmuth (http://popcornwagonfrankenmuth.com/). Dan and his GMs went there the morning of the wedding as something to do while the girls were getting ready and whatnot. They use coconut oil so the popcorn does not go stale (they say it lasts 30 days... I eat it within 2 weeks and it tastes fine). The prices online are more expensive than in-store (for shipping purposes) so we called 2 weeks in advance to place our order and paid when picking-up. We only bought Chocolate popcorn, Caramel popcorn, and lightly salted. We had a bunch of seasoning shakers (butter, white cheddar, nacho cheddar, parmeasan & garlic, ranch, etc.). 

    Popcorn was a BIG hit. People loved it - we also had appetizers for cocktail hour but popcorn was so simple and easy to enjoy throughout the night. We bought black paper bags with our names/wedding date in silver on them so people could take popcorn home. Everyone really loved the idea.
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