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This is shaping up to be an expensive weekend.  I have my hair and make-up trial on Thursday night.  It is $30 for hair and $30 for make-up.  Do I also tip at the trial?  How much?  The person who does it this day is also going to be the one doing it on the wedding day.  I don't want to piss her off. lol   Also, I have my b-pics on Saturday.  The package that I bought includes hair and make-up.  The studio has a hair place in it that the photographer owns also.  Do I tip the girl that does my hair and make-up for that.  If so how much?  I can't really base it off percentage because its included in the package.
Also,  my shower is on Sunday.  I know that they say you should get your hosts a gift.  What did you give?   I seriously  think I am going to need to pick up some extra hours at work to pay for all the extras that I hadn't considered:(
TIA for all of your help.

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    whoops--we are supposed to give the people who host the shower gifts?? 
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    I think I would probably tip the makeup/hair trial...but not alot, since you will probably tip them again the day of. I dont think Id tip the b-pic person. As far as the gift for the shower thing...My FML/FSIL and a friend is throwing mine, and I plan to pick them up each a little gift...but nothing overly exspenisive. Probably a cute coffee mug for the FSIL, a picture frame for the friend and maybe some flowers for the FMIL.
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