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New to this!

I just joined The Knot this week and must say..this wedding planning seems quite overwhelming. How far along is everyone in there planning? My Fiance and I just chose the date of August 10th and have narrowed our venues down to three to look at this following week. I just feel like every time I look at a new page/website/magazine I realize another detail that hadn't crossed my mind! Any suggestions on timing when it comes to planning or DIY?

thank you!

Re: New to this!

  • For me the first thing to do was to set the budget.  Thereafter, I booked the venue, photographer, and videographer.   Being in the DMV I find that the most popular venues and vendors book up way in advance.  I know one venue, Newton White, can be booked one year in advance for the popular wedding months. 

    Thereafter, find a good timeline checklist to follow.  The one here on TK is pretty good.  It has a lot of stuff so you may have to weed through the items that are relevant to you. 

    I am not a DIY so I have no clue on the timing for those things. 

    Welcome to TK and this board by the way.  I  recently posted about being a newbie to the August 2013 board myself. 

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    Hey, I am not 'new new' but fairly new to the knot as well. lol
    Take your time. Don't flip out yet. You have plenty of time. And hey, I am hoping(not sure yet) to get married on the 10th too!
    Umm, I find that writing down all my ideas and junk really helps me out. I ususally use the computer so I don't have a whole lot of papter floating around, although a notebook would work just as well.
    And I have 2 wedding planning books as well. That helps also. As you can tell, I like to see what I have to do, it helps me remember. lol
    I agree, setting the budget was the first thing we did as well. Once you get that done, you can start looking at things in your set budget.
    I don't have any suggestions on DIY, I am buying most of my stuff. I kinda have to, since I am overseas and won't be back until a couple months before the wedding(somthing I would change if I could!).
    Anyways. I usually don't ramble like this, I must be in a talkative mood. lol
    Hope this helps.
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