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Happy Sunday! So this is what I was thinking as far as name changing goes after the wedding. I definately want to take my FI last name, but I also want to drop my current middle name entirely and replace it with my maiden name. I have heard mixed rumors on how easy/difficult this is.  First I heard when you change your name due to marriage it's pretty easy to change anything in your name because Social Security will let you write down whatever name you want. Then I heard depending on local laws I may need to go to court.  I am really having trouble confirming either of those pieces of info. I emailed SSA and they simply sent me forms on name changing and never answered my question. Could any of my fellow knotties help shed some light on this? It would be much appreciated :)
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Re: Name Changing Question

  • I don't have a middle name and asked if I could make my middle name my maiden name and they told me I could. I decided not too, but they said I could.  Not sure how it works for changing a middle name, but adding it was going to be easy!
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    I know changing just your last name is pretty simple if you sign the marriage license with your FI's last name.  Beyond that, I have no idea but good luck.  Have you tried the SSA website?
  • Thanks for the responses! From my research it appears the SSA doesn't care as long as the name and number match. But there are some states that will not recognize a middle name change at the same time as name change due to marriage. Needless to say that would make for a BIG headache. So far Michigan does not appear to be one of these mean states, but I have not found any conclusive evidence on state websites. I contacted the folks at missnowmrs.com if they knew the rules here so I am waiting on that. *Hopefully* it will work because I LOVE this idea. It is perfect for me.
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  • I don't think it's a problem. I kept my middle name, and hyphenated my maiden name with it. SSA really didn't care what I wrote down.

    You just need to know what you're doing before you get married. You'll have to sign the marriage license in your full new name, so you can't sign it Jane Lynn Smith and then expect to have SSA allow you to be Jane Doe Smith. Your marriage license is your ticket so as long as that matches what you tell SSA, you're fine.
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  • I did it any it was just as easy as normally changing your name. Just let them know when you are at the Social Security office. I actually didn't even have my mind made when I went up to the counter, and the lady was nice enough to give me that last minute to make the decision!
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