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Hey girls. I am in the planning stage of my oot bags and need to know your opinions. I am doing the usual local snacks soda etc, but I am thinking of adding a alcoholic option. The hotel is a all suites, so they will have a fridge and glasses. So what would you rather find in your bag??

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    I am a big fan of Leelanau Wineries. My fave is the Great Lakes Red but their Winter White and Summer Sunset are awesome too. Chateau Grand Traverse has a great Late Harvest Riesling as well as a cherry wine called Traverse Bay! I would recommend any if these !!
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    I do like the local Traverse wines, but have no favorite. I think you could do that with some plastic wine glasses. If you live in the area, check out Champane's Wine Cellars in Warren (13 Mile Rd just between Mound and Van Dyke). They have a huge selection, and some really great local wines for as little as $6 a bottle. It truly is a warehouse of wines, LOL.
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    Oh Sue we love that place! I still call it Pic-a-nut. My parents always went there when I was a kid and  I thought it was just for trail mix and pistachios, lol! 
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    Not really sure what type of wine beyond "red" - I don't know any local wines really.  I would think that guys would be more likely to want beer, and girls would want wine.  And champagne you'd have at the wedding, so that doesn't seem like you should repeat it.
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    Grand Traverse Sweet Red and Round Barn Cranberry are both DELICIOUS choices!!!!
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    People's pallettes are SO different it's going to be hard to just pick one or two alcoholic items to include - I would stay away from the alcohol and just do pop/water etc.
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    Filipo Marc Winery on Garfield Rd. has an amazing selection of wines at great prices!  The absolute best wine flavor is Pomegranite.  I haven't met anyone that does not like this wine! 
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    Buy a few sixers of local brews and then mix them up so there are 3 different types in each sixer.  Half bottle of wine/champagne...like you'd drink half of it first??  I'm hoping that means you would just be buying smaller bottles - in which case I'd still stick with the local brews.  Go to Papa Joe's for a good selection. 
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