OMG!! Really?!?

FI's aunt just emailed him to let him know that she is bringing her daughter.  She rsvp'd one.  Really 5 days before my wedding you want to add someone.  I mean yes we did offer her a plus one, but com on 5 days before.  So now we have to go get our seating chart reprinted, cause we have to re-organize the tables.

Also need to prep more photobooth frames, an extra reserved sign for the ceremony, I also need to contact the hall and tell them that we are going to be one more person (and who knows if I have to get another money order for that or not).

Grrrr.  Really?!?  I mean we'll do it, cause it's family.  But why 5 days before the wedding?!?

Re: OMG!! Really?!?

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    Ugh. Sorry you have to deal with that hassle, but on the bright side, at least she didnt just show up with her daughter!
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    Any way to just squeeze one extra seat at her table and not add the daughter's name to the seating chart? That totally sucks!
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    Yes it sucks. Hopefully you won't have any no shows...........both Kevin and I each had friends + 1 who did not show. So, I paid for 4 who FORGOT THAT WAS THE DAY FOR OUR WEDDING.
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    Yes it's annoying but normal.  We had 3 people show up who had declined flat-out "no" and then 2 people who didn't show up that had RSVP'd yes.  It happens.  While you're making the extras, I'd encourage you to make a few more just for back-up.  Hang in there!
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    The week before our wedding we had plenty of people change their RSVP status. I would be so thankful if it was just one...
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    I recommend just rounding your final number up for just this reason. You will probably find some won't show, who said they would, and other that will show up that said they wouldn't. I think I added an extra 10 to my count.

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