Looking for some venue suggestions

Greetings all!  I'm new here, so be gentle.  :)  

I am planning a very small wedding reception, only about 30 people.  Six to ten of those people will be children.  I'd like to have dancing be a possibility, but I am having a hard time justifying the expense of a band or a dj for such a small group and short party.  I think 3 hours would be a huge overestimate for how long this thing is going to last.  

Does anyone know of some place where there can be dancing that has a private dining room available?  Or even just space for 30 people and no prohibition of children?  Privacy isn't so important.  

This is a second wedding for both of us and we really just want to have a party with our kids and close family, but I want us to dance at our wedding darn it!  :)

Cost isn't too much of an issue, since the size of the wedding does most of the cost trimming for us.  We are in the Novi/Northville area, but are willing to drive a bit since our guests are pretty scattered.

I am completely open to suggestions!  I particularly love salsa dancing, Irish drinking songs and swing.  I'm pretty easy to please. Smile

Re: Looking for some venue suggestions

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    I went to a wedding back in September where there was a total of 23 people at the reception including the bride, groom, and wedding party. They did have a DJ and everyone had such a great time. Before the wedding, I did not know how it was going to work with such a small group of people and thought it was going to end up being awkward. All 23 of us were dancing most of the night! Sorry I dont have a venue suggestion, but I wouldnt rule out a DJ completely, there are some pretty reasonably priced ones out there!

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    Welcome and congrats on your engagement!

    I think it's possible to have a small wedding, and still have fun! It sounds like you have no specific day or month in mind.

    We have permanently posted notes at the top of the board for info on where many have had, or are planning, their weddings. However, most of the info has been for traditional wedding venues.

    I'd suggest looking around for a restaurant that traditionally has music on Friday or Saturday nights. Many will have a fixed menu at a fixed price for any parties over 20, and have separate room areas. I know the Andiamo near us (Warren) has entertainment, but usually it's simply a piano player. Our rehearsal dinner was at Eastside Mario's in Livonia on Plymouth Rd, they have a private party area, great Italian food (and some non-Italian menu items). You can pick up to 5 menu items, they present your guests with a set menu with the pre-chosen items and deliver the ordered foods to your tables. There is a door that can be closed (I recall), but you'd have to provide your own entertainment. Probably not room for a dj, but perhaps an ipod playlist? We brought in our own cake (lovely sheet cake from Costco, all in white), they are pretty flexible. I think we had about 25-30 people. I'm sure they'd let you decorate as long as you take down what you supplied before leaving.

    Also, look into steak houses, they often have entertainment on weekend nights.

    There is also D*ck O'dow's (the asterisk is for an "i" because the Knot considers it a dirty word). They are in Birmingham and an Irish bar. I know they have a private party room in the back, and Irish entertainment on weekend nights.

    Look into city parks also. Many have covered pavilions. There is a nice one at Beverly Park in Beverly Hills Michigan, I think it's just north of 13 Mile Rd, and west of Southfield Rd. They have a covered pavilion with a fireplace at one end, you'd have to get your own rentals, food, alcohol etc. But if you get it for a summer night, rain would not be a problem and you could do the ceremony and reception there. And, they have restrooms!

    Our wedding was at Greenmead Village on the corner of 8 Mile and Newburgh Rd. They have an old chapel and banquet room you can rent, and absolutely LOVELY grounds for pictures. You can find my post in the "blue push pin" above, or check my bio link below for the "vendor" link as well as "photo" link to see the building and chapel up close. The rental for a non-Livonia resident is probably about $1200, and you'd have to bring in your own food and alcohol, but the chapel is charming. If you don't want to have your reception there, you can still rent the non-denominational chapel, I think it's about $400 or so.
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    Have you looked into Cafe' Cortina?  I think it's in Farmington.  They have gorgeous rooms and a back garden (you didn't mention a date or season) that would be great for just a small group.  I think 20 adults is plenty to dance!  Have fun :0)
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    The Gem and Century theater downtown has great options. They have three different spaces that could each work. I would check it out.
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    If you're not adverse to Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti, I'd suggest checking out:

    Since you're from the Novi/Northville area, have you checked out Genitti's in Northville?
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    TV Grand Hotel in Trenton is very charming and not too big. Good luck!!!
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