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Personalized Pint Glasses as Favors?

FI and I have been tossing around the idea of pint glasses as wedding favors. I want to give people a favor that they actually might use instead of tossing it to the side. Has anyone ordered them from the knot--my concern is that it says personalized glasses are NOT dishwasher safe--or from another website that they'd recommend? Thanks ladies =]

Re: Personalized Pint Glasses as Favors?

  • The favors definitely wouldn't be something you put in the dishwasher. Like most nice glasses they're handwash only to prevent damage to the detail.

    I was going to do custom shot-glass favors, but  FI and I have decided to nix favors and roll the money into getting better food for everyone instead.
  • I know this isn't really in answer to your question, but personally I'd chuck a personalized pint glass. I had good friends that got married on NYE and their favors were personalized champagne glasses. I left them at the reception and I think a lot of folks did. I just don't want/need something like that that doesn't match anything else I have, nor do I really need something with someone else's name and wedding date on it -- regardless of how much I like them.

    However, as a wedding guest, I DO love edible items as favors :-) I also like Entropic's idea of rolling the money into other things and forgoing favors all together.

    Just something to think about.
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  • I have to agree with Meegles on this one.  We are avoiding anything personalized that isn't disposable (ie: tags or labels) because we wouldn't personally want anything cluttering our house with other people's monogram on it. Honestly, if I had a personalized pint glass from my best friend's wedding, I'd let her use it when she cae over but thats about it lol
    I'm not saying this to be rude, as I'm sure Meegles wasn't either, just trying to offer a practical perspective that you may not have thought about.  Those glasses sound expensive, perhaps your guests would enjoy something consumable (not just food, maybe water bottles or candles, etc) instead.  Just my 2 cents.
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  • Not sure how much the personalized pint glasses cost, but it might be more than you could spend on other things that enrich your wedding OR you might want to reconsider giving guests. However, your idea might be something to consider for your wedding party and parents if you still wanted to proceed. Maybe use the money for a small "breakfast bar" at the end of the night with Tim Horton Timbits or a coffee station, or something like that.

    Our favor was glass coasters that had little photo inserts. I put the GUEST'S monogram in the opening rather than anything that had to do with OUR wedding. We also gave 2 to each guest, meaning couples got 4 in total, those with kids got 4-8. We had none left behind, and the next day we visited a guest who actually had them on their coffe table already. I'm not saying it's a better idea, because it's something other people might consider useless. But I bought them on sale on the Knot very early in my wedding planning, and probably would have rethought my idea given more time.

    Go on the "Favor" board in the "Special Topic Wedding Board" to the left. Read what others are doing if you want ideas, but I wouldn't post your question right away. You can get a pretty good read on what other brides think, and many don't think highly of personalized items with info from the wedding on it. The majority opinion on that board is edible gifts are the #1 preference, whether a candy bar supplied with various candies that match your wedding colors, a special chocolate item, etc.
  • I don't want anything with YOUR wedding date on it ... no offense. 

    However, if you do end up going with this idea I would look into something that IS dishwasher safe. Things that are/aren't dishwasher safe seem like no big deal at first but as years (or months) pass, I'll forget. I don't like washing dishes by hand... it wastes more water.

    Also, I love how Sue's guests each received 2 (so a couple received 4). It's much more practical than owning 1 glass with your name or wedding date on it.
  • I have to agree with PPss and say that personalized pint glasses (or glassware or anything else with your personal info. on it) will probably get left behind or tossed. 

    You are absolutely on the right track with thinking of something guests will use!  Edible favors are always a winner, and can be very inexpensive. Sue also did a great job with coasters and personalizing them for the guest as well as making sure each couple left with 4.  We decided to rent a photobooth and give guests sleeves for their photostrip as a favor.  People had a blast with it at the wedding, and we have gotten rave reviews about it over the last 2 months. 

    If you are dead set on doing pint glasses, I would definitely get something dishwasher safe.

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  • Just to support what a lot of other people are saying, this is how much I do not want a glass with someone else's wedding date/initials on it: 

    when we got back from SIL & BIL's wedding with our two monogrammed glasses in tow, I turned to him and said "do you think that if we run them through the dishwasher enough times, all this writing will come off?  They're actually pretty nice glasses and I hate to have to throw them out."

    The thing about favors is that we get caught up in the idea of coming up with cute favors or favors that match our colors or favors that will be impressive.  We forget that, in the end, these are supposed to be gifts for our guests.  And if you gave me a glass with your wedding date on it for Christmas, I'd think "WTF?  Why would you ever think I'd want this?"  Same deal here.  As much as they're cute, I'd advise steering away from the you-guys-centric gifts and either give something yummy or roll the extra money into other areas of the wedding.
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  • Oh - And like Ally - I too gave our photostrips as favors. We used plastic photostrip frames as place cards (we used our home printer to print of sleeves that read "Bob Smith Table 4" and at the bottom it read something like "We are so thankful to have you witness our big day. Please use this frame to capture a memory from tonight!" or something...  I don't like escort cards because I find them to be a waste of paper. Yes, we essentially wasted paper BUT at least the frames could be used for the photos.
  • Thanks ladies!! Reading all of your comments definitely helped out!!! Money isn't really an issue so the money we have for favors I still want to go to a favor. It's so tough trying to think of something people would enjoy, but still be creative and different. I suppose creativity will have to take the backseat to practicality!! Thanks again & happy new year!!! 
  • I absolutely LOVE the idea of costers, and especially that each guest gets 2!
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