Horrible experience at Dior

I had the worst experience ever at Dior in Dearborn last Saturday.  I had an appointment scheduled and when I walked in the salon no one acknowledged me for a good 10 minutes, even though I saw at least 5 people working there.  They were very busy but still, at least tell me "i'll be with you in just a minute" or something!  Then when someone finally figured out I needed help she asked what I needed and I said I had an appointment.  Then she rudely said "Well what are you looking for?" I told her the style I was looking for and gave her a few pictures and I was waiting for her to say something back or ask me a question and she just said "ok" took the pictures and walked off.  A few minutes she returned and told me to follow her to the dressing room.  I then told her I needed a strapless bra and she had an attitude about it.   She never asked me or gave me a chance to tell her my budget and size.  More than half of the dresses she pulled I couldn't even try on because they were way to small (and I'm not a very large girl).  She was so unhelpful, she didn't say anything about the dresses and she wasn't very much help getting me into the dresses either.  The whole time she was shaking and when we left we saw her run outside for a ciggerette.  I am so disappointed with the service I received there and I hope no other bride has to experience that!

Re: Horrible experience at Dior

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    That's really too bad. Dior was the second or third place I went and it's where I found and bought my dress. I will agree that when I showed up for my appointment, I was surprised that none of the ladies pulled dresses for me -- I had to do it myself. So, that put me off. But, once I pulled some dresses and got into the room, the girl that worked with us was really nice and helped me get into everything and even offered some suggestions.
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    You should call them back and tell them that a mystery shopper came into their shop to see what kind of experience they had!
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    do you happen to know the price range of gowns at Dior?
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