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Hey ladies. So FI and I are in the very early planning stages. We are thinking about early October 2012 as our wedding date. I am interested in looking into the Detroit Yacht Club, but there is not a whole lot of information on their website. Can anyone tell me around what level their prices run? I plan on contacting the event coordinator for official prices and stuff, but I kind of don't want to bother with it if I know that it is going to be way out of our price range for 75 people.

Thanks! And any comments about the venue would be appreciated as well.
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    Hi and welcome to the board!

    I am getting married at the DYC in April 2012. Their catering manager, Carly, is really helpful so I'd definitely give her a call. Prices really can range based on the season and type of entree you're doing.

    We're planning to pay about $90 a head, but that includes a duet entree (filet & salmon), appetizers, premium alcohol, and a late night snack. It also includes a slight discount for the off-season.

    If you went with just one entree, or picked a chicken dish instead of filet, or went with their house bar or didn't do a late night snack, that per head cost would decrease.

    I've only been to the venue once, but we're using the ballroom and it's gorgeous. It has a nice terrace, hard wood floors, high ceilings, etc. If you're only have 75 people, that might work better in their other room, which I didn't like as much. It's decorated a little more traditionally (carpet, draperies, etc.).

    The price per head also includes complimentary valet, so that's a bonus! I also just got an e-mail from them that a couple of the downtown hotels (the Marriot Ren Cen and Courtyard) are offering shuttles to/from the DYC for guests who stay there. Don't know if that's a limited time thing or not.

    Feel free to message me if you have more questions!
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    A friend of mine got married there last summer and had a great experience.  I don't think she had any complaints...she said everything was well organized and her guests had a ton of fun.
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    We almost went with DYC- I would say anywhere from $65-$100/person is a good range depending on what you are looking for.  We had a contract drawn up and since our date was October 27 the banquet lady (don't remember her name) gave us the November discounted pricing so you could try askig for that depending on your date.   We ended up not going with them because they don't have a/c in their main ballroom which is the gorgeous room with wood floors, and I was worried it would be one of those fluke warm fall days.  It really is a beautiful room though- lots of character and the terrace is awesome!  
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    A follow up to the PP regarding AC. We just went to a wedding there last week. The hall was GORGEOUS. The bride did an incredible job decorating, etc. It was a perfect setting. BUT..... the lack of AC made it unbearable. Guests were doing their best to just stick it out until their first dance and after that, many left. It was much too hot to enjoy the evening.

    Just something to think about...
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    Yes i agree with Viklet.. i got married there a few weeks ago and it was UNBEARABLE!!  You might be ok in october but to be completely honest with you i wouldnt chance it! The room was beautiful but no one was even inside to enjoy it due to how hot it was :( I wish someone would have told me that...
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    I am getting married at the DYC this August.  The fountain room, which is a banquet room next to the ballroom does have air conditioning.  I understand why people love the ballroom because of it's beautiful fireplace and woodfloors.  I would recommend the fountain room to everyone though!  The inside is beautiful with its own stone fountain and has a separate connected room with chairs and tables and a bar. I like that there are so many places for the guests to go.
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