Need a little more help please

 I decide a while ago to make our own invites, out of scratch. They are really not that hard Im doing pressed flower paper invites. Well I just checked my "test flowers" and they kinda suck, which in a way I knew they would because white flowers turn kinda yellow when they dry. But the press the FI made works great and the few colored petals I put in there look awesome, but where hard to find.

 Do anyone have any suggestions of a good park where I could so pick colorful flowers. I don't really care what kind they are I just want something very colorful. 

 Or is there a local flower shop that you know of that would sell flowers or flower petals for very cheap like old dying stuff that they are just go ing to throw out anyway. I looked on costco but couldn't find just flower petals. 

Also FI is talking about building a dance floor. Im kinda worried he wont have enough time to do that and that it wont be as cheap as he thinks, does anyone know of any good place to rent a dance floor for like less the $300 if this idea turns out to be a no go? I've seen some for around $400 which is a lot to me.
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Re: Need a little more help please

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    klreese0213klreese0213 member
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    id probably suggest going to costco or sams and get a couple of cheap boquets. i would pick flowers.
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    Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    I agree, go to your local grocery store or Costco and pick up some bouquets and let the flowers die.

    or............you can come and pick flowers from my garden! I live in Warren and right now I have dead red climbing roses, live lavendar (lots of it), live daisies, and tons of yellow/orangish day lillies that are blooming like crazy and dying after a day.

    PM me if you are interested.
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    sasha213swsasha213sw member
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    Kroger will discount bouquets where the flowers are dying. I have gotten plenty of colorful flowers from their discounted buckets....

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