Invitation Wording - Help Needed

Hi Ladies-

I don't post often, but I'm need of a favor!

I am about to approve the proofs of the invites for our wedding and I'm having a bit of trouble.

Below is how the invite currently reads.  I'm wondering if I should keep the "Two" in the year capitalized and if "Noon" should remain capitalized.  If you see any other random oddities, please let me know.  I really appreciate your help!  Thank you!

Together with their parents
First Middle Last
First Middle Last
invite you to share in their joy as they are married
Sunday, the eighteenth of July, Two thousand and ten
at half past Noon

Re: Invitation Wording - Help Needed

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    The year should be capitalized but it should also be on its own line and drop the 'and' ten. Noon does not need to be capitalized.

    You will also want to include the address of where you are to be married after the time.

    So it should be:

    invite you....
    Sunday, the eighteenth of July
    Two thousand ten
    at half past noon
    Really Nice Venue
    123 Main Street
    My Town, Michigan 48111
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    The venue and stuff is on there, but I didn't want to bore everyone with my overly long post.  =)
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    Ok - just wanted to make sure :)
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    some people say that on wedding invitations you should use after instead of past for the time (half after noon, not half past noon) - that past is for funerals.  i've never heard that rule before, and personally I think past sounds better, but it may be something to consider depending on your guests' ages and etiquette knowledge.
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