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FI and I are trying to come up with signature drink names related to us. Since my bachelors is in Psychology and my Masters is in clinical social work, my drink will be called "The Freudian Sip". We are having a harder time with his- he is a chemist. The only thing I have come up with so far is "The Lab Coke" (rather than coat- his fav drink is rum and coke), however a name to fit any drink would be fine.
Any ideas?

Re: Signature Drink Name Help

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    The Freudian Sip. Love it!

    Is there some element in the periodic table you could use or something? Or maybe some kind of fusion or whatever that has to do with two elements coming together?

    My major was procrastination, so I don't know the technical names, but FI might be able to come up with something cute. :)
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    How about Chemical Romance (like the band)? A double play on words, but ok, I'm not that hip

    Rum & CO2ke, as CO2 is (I think) Carbon Dioxide, and Coke is carbonated. Of course the 2 would have to be smaller.

    "Au" Rum & Coke (Au is gold, if you use Gold Rum).

    He could also use the chemical equation for Alcohol in place of Rum.

    That's about it. Sorry, I loved Chemistry in school, but don't remember much.

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