Opinions on My Big Fat Beautiful Wedding dress store?

Do any of you have opinions on My Big Fat Beautiful Wedding, a store owned by a woman named Janet that's based in Imlay, Michigan?  I figured this was the best board to post since it's closest to Detroit.  I am a budget bride and was thinking of getting a dress there called "Elena."  But I wanted to make sure I know what I am getting into since I'm six hours away from her store and would not be meeting her in person if I ordered.
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Re: Opinions on My Big Fat Beautiful Wedding dress store?

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    I do not have personal experience with the store but a close friend of mine was considering getting her dress from there.  She went to the store and met with Janet and she felt good about the gowns she saw in the store and Janet’s ability to reproduce the gown that she wanted but at a much lower price.  If I remember correctly Janet has MANY positive reviews and I think even has names and numbers of past customers who will give a referral.  It seems like she has a very good business.

    I questioned how in the world she would be able to make these dresses at such low prices and still be able to make a profit.  Is her material very cheap?  Does she not use good supplies?  Or does she just have a super cheap supplier for good materials.  I’m not sure, these are just the thoughts that went through my mind. 

    And then someone else on this board posted a VERY bad experience that they had with her.  They said that the dress was nothing like what she wanted and that the fit was very bad – that it was too snug in some places on her body and too big in others.  She said the endless alterations never seemed to get it right. 

    After this my friend decided to buy a dress off the rack rather than chance it with Big Fat Beautiful Wedding.

    So….I don’t have a definitive answer.  They could be great and just this one person had a bad experience. I don’t remember who this Knottie was or else I’d send you her direction.  Maybe someone else will remember while reading this.

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