Seating chart poster template

Does anyone have one of these? I keep looking online, but all the ones I find have malware, are no longer there, or I have to order my seating chart through them. I want to use a poster instead of place cards & just get it printed at kinkos. I've been trying to do it in word, but its just not formatting correctly. 

Thank you!!!

P.S. I don't have microsoft publisher, so I can't use any of those files, unless it is converted.
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Re: Seating chart poster template

  • Do you have powerpoint? I bet you'd have better luck doing a seating chart in that.
  • Entropic, I think she means one of those giant boards that you post with everyone's names and table settings - instead of place cards.

    I don't have one, I'm sorry :(
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  • I know you can buy templates on Etsy, but I have no idea howto make one, sry.
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    We just used Word, took it to Staples and had the guy use the program they use to adjust everything.  It did take about 45 minutes and 6 prints to get it right but we did it!  In the end it cost us $45 I believe.  They sent it off for printing, mounting and laminating and we picked it up 4 days later.  If you do go that rough take your laptop to make corrections and bring a USB drive so that you can transfer.  The people at Staples were very helpful and understanding, DH was the one getting frustrated (I just ignored him :) ).  
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