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Meeting Our Pastor/Honeymoon Woes...

Hi all!  We are meeting our officiant this evening, and I am very excited but a little nervous.  I attend a Congregational church, but we are not getting married there since it is in downtown Boston and would be too logistically difficult for our family to get to.  We found a pastor from the Congregational church near our venue who would be willing to marry us there, outside, which is perfect!  We also learned that he will allow us to have a lot of input into our ceremony, which we did not expect since most of our married friends have had Catholic weddings and things for them were pretty structured.  

We are hoping to have very traditional vows and no unity candle or other unity ceremony (FI burned himself on the unity candle at his mom's wedding when he was 12, the poor guy) so hopefully that will be okay with him.  I feel a little nervous and awkward about bringing up the financial/donation aspects since a Reverend is quite different from a regular vendor, but hopefully he will bring it up first or have a standard pamphlet or something.  Has anyone else met their officiant yet?  How did it go?

In other news, I am home sick today so spending some time researching honeymoon locations.  Belgium was definitely just a dream-in reality we have a "medium" budget (US or Canada, no weird/expensive airports, probably no Europe or Hawaii) and one of our ideas was to go to a national park out west, have a couple of nights in a nice lodge, and then a couple of nights backpacking.  I realized today, however, that all of the nice lodges near the parks we could get to are already booked up for our week, and the not-so-nice looking ones are starting to go too.  We won't be financially ready to book until Jan or Feb, so looks like its back to the drawing board there...

Re: Meeting Our Pastor/Honeymoon Woes...

  • Glad that you are getting what you want in the pastor. My officiant is one of my best friends so yep, I have definitely met her. She is really open to doing whatever. She is a spiritual director, but not tied to doing ceremonies a certain way.

    As for the honeymoon, bummer. We actually won't even be doing one due to budget and time, but we are having a destination wedding in the mountains so will be doing some hiking, camping, time to selves afterwards.

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  • That sounds awesome Clio, both your officiant and the time together to camp afterwards!
  • We have met with and decided on a pastor.  He is a real cool guy.  We see eye-to-eye on the type of ceremony and his style which makes me very happy.  

    Our HM is an elborate one but it is a trip that has been in the planning for some time now.  

    @Xstatic3333 - Have you considered looking for a   B & B (Bed and Breakfast) near the parks instead of a lodge?  I am clueless about the hospitality choices near national parks but thought I would throw it out there. 

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  • That's a good idea island, thanks!  We may see what's open when we're ready to book, or check out some other options.  One crazy idea we have is Iceland, which isn't too expensive from Boston and would be very unusual.
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