Having your Dog in the Ceremony...?

We'd like to get married indoors and have our obedient Alaskan Malamute be in the ceremony as the ring bearer, keep in  mind he has his K-9 good citizen certification and is also a hospital trained and certified therapy dog.  His mannerisms are polite, sweet and truly impeccable. 

Does anyone know of any locations in the metro detroit area that allows pets for the ceremony? 

Thanks a bunch! :)  

Re: Having your Dog in the Ceremony...?

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    I know you can have your dog at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial if you have your ceremony outside there.

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    First off, I LOVE malamutes and think yours is adorable!

    Secondly, and just an FYI, many places probably won't allow dogs even if yours is very well behaved as some people are allergic and others are afraid (those are why we didn't have our dog in our ceremony).  Also, the question of what will you do with him during the reception?  Will ne need to do his business during that time and if so where?

    I could name a number of outdoor places but indoor is much more difficult and I'm honestly not sure of those.
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