Need Help with ceremony locations please!!!

Hi Knotties,

Last year before I got engaged I had some issues with my church and decided that it was best for me to leave and find another church home. I've been visiting my cousins church for a while and decided that I  wanted him to perform the ceremony....the only thing is the church is very small and not ideal for a ceremony.
My ceremony will be at Shriners Silver Garden in Southfield so if anyone has any ceremony locations in the metro Detroit area please send them my way. I know the ceremony is the most important part but I don't want to pay some outrageous prices. I prefer a indoor location so I don't have to worry about the weather.
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Re: Need Help with ceremony locations please!!!

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    Hi Tiffany. I peeked at your bio and see you are getting married the same day I am!
    So we can help you better, define "very small" church for us. Most non-demoninational chapels will be small, because they tend to be historic. If you want to find a location, church or not,  for just the ceremony (with no reception there), the fee will tend to be higher....... perhaps not "outrageous" in your mind, but higher.

    What are you looking to spend? Is there a reason you don't want to have your ceremony at the Shriner's Silver Garden?

    If you give us a bit more info (how many people, etc) we might be able to help you better.
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    Well Congrats to you! Since I've been researching locations some prices I''ve seed are from $500 + and at this point I'm willing to pay what I need to for a location but I'm hoping not to go over $1,000.

    At Shriners I could do a room filp but I really don't want to but they have a beautiful outside location for $800 plus rental of the chairs. I felt that it should be a litle lower since I'm having my reception there but I guess not.

    They do have another room but it goes for $2000. I'm going to see them today to make another payment so I'm going to talk to the coordinator again to see if they're willing to negotiate on the prices. I'm planning on having about 150 people.
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    Try First Congregational on Fort St. in Detroit.  I haven't spoken to them yet, but was told they do interfaith weddings, AND it's a historic location.  We're having a similar problem--too big for all the chapels, not sure I want to go through all the hassle of a Catholic wedding.
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    I don't know how far you want to be from Southfield but The First United Methodist Church of Dearborn is $1000. It's a beautiful church and close to Southfield freeway. Maybe a 20 minute drive to Shriners.
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    Do you mean your reception will be at Silver Gardens?

    Is it important for you to have your ceremony in a church? If it is, I'm not sure I can help you, but the girls here are a wealth of knowledge.

    If it's not, I am pretty sure you can have the ceremony right at Silver Gardens. I've heard they have a beautiful ceremony site that is indoors. We had our ceremony and reception at the same location and it really made it convenient for everyone. 
    Good Luck!!
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