Thoughts on Expos/Shows

Hello all,

What are your thoughts on Bridal exops and trunk shows?

Novi Expo center is having one next weekend and Crystal Gardens is having a show the weekend after.  I was interested in going but wanted to know if they were worth it first.

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Re: Thoughts on Expos/Shows

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    Some people may feel differently than I did but I hated it. I felt overwhelmed and almost over a year later I still get phone call. 

    I'm sure you can get some great vendors from the shows but I felt I got my information from fellow knotties. 
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    [QUOTE]Some people may feel differently than I did but I hated it. I felt overwhelmed and almost over a year later I still get phone call.  I'm sure you can get some great vendors from the shows but I felt I got my information from fellow knotties. 
    Posted by LOTON01[/QUOTE]
    My sentiments exactly.
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    I loved them! Though you have to know going into them, someone is there to sell you their services and may be pushy. I found it helpful to see a bunch of peoples work under one roof. Though, I think with the Crystal gardens one, they are only going to have their perfered vendors there. We ended up picking our Dj and Limo from a weding show...and the fashion shows were always fun.
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    Waste of time, especially if you have to pay to get in (I think the Crystal Gardens one was free?) None of my venders came from the shows, all came from other knottie recommendations. The only thing I did get from them was spam email and phone calls. If you do go, set up a email address specifically for it, and maybe not give your phone number.
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    I agree that everyone has a different opinion on them. I have been to 2 so far and have loved them! I am planning on going to the novi one but it is supposed to be a big show and could be overwhelming. Although I think i will ultimately pick my vendors from the recommendations here. If you are going to have a photobooth, it's a good chance to test them all out, I like the Cake samples, the fashion shows, and have got a lot of ideas from the tables the linen companies have set up. If a vendor is pushy with me, I usually just walk away. Definitely set up a separate email account and dont give out your phone number.
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    Personally, I enjoyed them.  It really helped us pick our photographer.  I went to 3 shows and Novi expo was the best in my opinion.  Just be prepared to deal with pushy sales people, crowds and lots of spam later.
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    I went to 2, one with a former sister-in-law who was getting married, the other one I went to with Kevin & my daughter (MOH). We actually had fun at the one that Kevin attended with me, as his eyes were truly opened to the wedding "industry"............afterward he appreciated all the money I saved, LOL.

    It's fun to get ideas, especially if you are doing a lot of DIY as I did. However, I also agree that filling stuff out resulted in a TON of emails. The vendors offer you a chance to "win" something, and all you win is aggravation.

    I also found almost all my vendors by recommendations here on the Knot.

    If you are just going to get ideas, I think it's fine. Don't plan on signing anything there though.
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    I thought they were fun but not especially helpful. My bridesmaids and I enjoyed the fashion shows and cake. The spamming is annoying. Make sure you have a seperate email for your wedding first. 
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    I went to one at Crystal Gardens in Southgate and it was kind of a waste of time.  I found one vendor there to do our centerpieces, and met with a second vendor that I was considering booking with anyways.  PP is correct that it is all of their preferred vendors.  I think researching vendors on the knot and review boards was way more helpful.  Also if you already have vendors in mind its better to just visit them directly, you will get more of their attention and you can avoid dealing with the pushy sales pitches from other vendors that you are not interested in. Its also really frustrating that the venue gives out your email and phone number to the vendors, you get tons of calls and emails from people advertising their services.
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    For me, useless. I went to one, but I'd already booked 99% of my vendors and was just in need of a florist, cake and limo. The one I went to had plenty of limo companies which was helpful in collecting pricing, but one florist (Thrifty) and one sorta-kinda cake/cookie baker who did it out of her house.

    I was really disappointed in the quality and variety of vendors and as PPs have said, I was harrassed over e-mail and phone until I lost my phone and had to get a new number.

    I picked most of my vendors (especially the biggies like photog/video/DJ/florist) from the knot and friend/family referrals.
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