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Ok, so I have a a 10 year old cousin (boy), and an 11 year old brother that I want to incorporate into my wedding somehow. I just don't know what they can do! Aren't they were too old to be ring bearers and too young to be hosts (well, I really don't need anymore host/hostesses since I already have two)?....What can I have them do!!

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    We had a niece and 2 nephews (all in same family) ages 5, 9 and 11 (boys are oldest). The niece was our FG, and we called the boys junior groomsmen. They escorted their sister, the FG, down the aisle.

    You could have the boys do this and just walk together down the aisle right before you or something like that. They wouldn't have to be paired with ladies to do that.
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    You could have them help the ushers, or give them a simple job like passing out programs.
    You could have them be jr. groomsmen. I was a jr. bridesmaid when I was 11, because I was too old to be the flower girl.

    I hope this helps!
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    You could do any of the above. They could also be asked to escort specific people down the aisle, like a grandmother, etc.

    I've also seen older kids simply stand in front with the groomsmen and not walk down the aisle.

    But, the best answer I ever see to this question is to ASK THEM. Some kids are shy and don't want to be involved in front of a bunch of people they don't know. Their age can sometimes be akward as well, too old to think it's "fun" like the younger kids, too young to feel like they belong, or that it's an honor.
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    You could make signs say"Here Comes  The Bride" and they both can carrie one going down the isle. I seen that somewhere and thought that was really cute. The ring bearer and flower girl came behind them. 

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    Really good ideas!! Thanks everyone!
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