What do you have planned for this week?


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    Today: Still resting my foot, hopefully doing some shopping (groceries, and Christmas deals)

    Tomorrow: Same as today but celebrating DH's grandparent's 59th anniversary for dinner. Possibly taking our tree down.

    Wednesday: Hopefully catching up with an old friend, cleaning the house. 

    Thursday: Packing and heading to Ohio to see DH's Dad's family.

    Friday: Still in Ohio... 

    Saturday: Visiting West Virginia! Yay! DH and I have a plan to be in a different state each New Years. First year together we were in Ohio, second year we were in Texas, this year we'll be in West Virginia. [: 

    Sunday: Driving back because DH has to work so I haven't decided what I'll do. 
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    We're buying a new car today and I'm upposed to be cleaning out my POS old car to see if we can get anything for it, but it's cold outside...

    DH and I are going to the Izzone Alumni game later this week and we have NYE plans with some friends, but other than that, my only plans are to make a dent in the pile of recipes sitting on my counter.

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    Working every day until Jan 7 :(
    However, tomorrow is my birthday so I dont have to be on-call so I am going to go to do a little dress shopping in the hopes it will take my mind of turning 30 :P
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    Today: DH and I went to his parents' house to drop off a coulpe things and pick up our presents we opened on Saturday (we left right from there for a 2 day trip across the state so we figured it was easiest to store things at their house for the weekend). We braved the mall and did some clothing exchanges.  Right now we are trying to clean stuff up and get organized again, then laster today my sister is coming to visit.

    Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday, I go back to work.

    Thursday night is DH's extended family Christmas dinner at his parents' house.

    Friday morning we are doing gift exchanges with DH's extended family.
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    Today: Relaxing, Cleaning, and getting ready for eork this week.

    Working the rest of the week.

    Friday: Dinner with my brother and his girlfriend who are in town. 
    Then getting the house ready because we are having people over for NYE.
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    Today: I had planned on putting away all of our gifts and organizing the house but instead I've been running errands with FI and reading a book. I'm allowing myself a day of laziness since the past few days were so chaotic. 

    Tomorrow I have to organize this house and start looking for a new house since we are moving in a few months. And we might see my mother since she will be in town. 
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    I am pretty much just working this week and trying to get my house in order from Christmas. I need to get back in the wedding planning mode and start to research photographers.
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    Well I am on break so lots of stuff for the wedding. We have a dress fitting on Wednesday and we are metting with the caterer tomorrow! Thursday I am going to lunch with some friends and the friday we will get ready for NYE!
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    Work and lots of Dr. Who. I think I will end up working more than usual. Bummer...
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    Working a bit this week.  Also FI is going to address our wedding invites (my handwriting looks like chicken scratch).  Plus I have a AMEX giftcard that I am going to use to order the last of my flowers from Afloral.  I am also stalking the mailman for the last package I need so I can start making my wedding jewlery.   

    Since Christmas is over, we are in high wedding planning mode.  It's getting close!
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    working all week...and working on our STD's.  Hoping to send them out on Friday, so everyone will get them Saturday or Monday :)

    We also need to start working on songs- cake cutting, WP dance, introductions of WP, etc.
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    I don't have to go to my office all week so I'm doing some work from home on a manuscript.  Beyond that, I'm going dress shopping with a BM tomorrow, working on apps, cleaning up from christmas, laundry, and hopefully some DIY.
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