Is anyone interested in hosting an Arbonne party next weekend (Fri Aug 6 or Sat Aug 7)

**Is this post allowed? I'm not sure, but I hope I don't get in trouble

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    if you sell arbonne, then yes this post is against the rules. 
    if you're asking a knottie to host it, i'm pretty sure you're asking something that cant be answered and it'd be frowned upon. 
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    I don't sell Arbonne, my best  friend does.  She's supposed to come down next weekend to do bpics with me but her husband is giving her a hard time to come all the way down here just for the pics, so I thought it would be a way to shut him up if she was able to book a party for that weekend.  :)
    I can't host the party bc I live with my parents, my mom sells Avon  and their house is atrocious.

    But thank you,sorry for the long explanation
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