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I'm just curious how people knew that their veil was "the one" ... i'm guessing most places don't really have a return policy for veils. do i need to lug my dress around to bridal shops or is there another way? tia!  :)

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    Your bridal salon should have a couple different veil options for you to try on with your dress. That is my recommendation.

    I had my veil months before I'd picked out my dress though - I knew I wanted a birdcage veil no matter what.
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    A friend made my veil, but I showed her a few things of what I liked and didn't like. For example, I knew I didn't want something long. I knew I didn't want something poofy. I know I didn't want lace or a ton of beading.

    I also showed her a picture of my dress, so she saw the amount of bling on it and created something that matched.

    Honestly, the veil choice wasn't a matter of being "the one". It was just about something that looked good. It wasn't a decision I agonized over. I did agonize a bit over the headpiece I bought, but that's because I'm terrible at visualizing what will look good and I was buying it on Etsy (so couldn't try it on).

    As Entropic said, your bridal salon will have some options, or just take pics of your dress and/or pics of veil styles you like to other shops or when shopping for one online and try to get something that closely matches.
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    I noticed you post on the Lansing Board also but you could wait another 2 weeks before getting a second response so I'll join in where you get the most replies.I knew the veil was the one because I liked how it looked on its own and how it looked with the dress.

    I would definitely recommend trying the veil on with the dress but also trust your instincts of what you like without any dress, what looks good on you without any dress and what you liked on other people.

    You don't necessarily need to lug the dress around. try on a very similar dress with the veils you're considering.

    Also looking online could be a lot easier than in store.
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    I had veil issues, and definitely can't say I found "the one."  I picked one out, ordered it, when it came in I didnt like how it looked, then had to have it altered to make it a way I was happy with.  All in all, I think it ended up looking great, but it was honestly one of my larger stressers because I didnt know what was considered a "good looking veil" while trying them on!!
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    I've always had an idea of the design I wanted my veil to have. My dress has a ribbon across the bodice and along them hem and I thought a veil should match with a few appliques around the back similar to ( http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Two-Tiered-Veil-with-Beaded-Metallic-Edging-VCT258S_Accessories-Veils-All-Veils ) with 2 tiers but I couldnt see spending more on the veil than I did the dress ($99 DB dress) I have been lookin gall sorts of places (those fancy dress stores in the mall have some veils).Kept finding close to what I wanted for like $300.. We went out to Birch Run and there is a store that has dresses & veils. I found one that was on clearance ($80) that fit the bill! But didnt think we had the money at the time. We eneded up driving out there again with my MOH the next day to get her opinion on it. I tried it on and wondered about flipping the top tier over my face but the stones would be backwards, we talked about switching them & regluing when I took it off and was taking a closer look at the comb. When I discovered.... IT WAS DETACHABLE!!!!! OMG say yes to the veil!!
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