Guest Count Woes

Yes, my FI's only family is from Cleveland and we're getting married in MI, but I'm still so surprised that out of 240, only 133 are yes's!  And we're only waiting on about 20 people (and since they were supposed to RSVP by last week I assume most are no's).

That's like, 55% only!  Anyone else have similar experiences?  It's enough to make one feel unpopular!

Re: Guest Count Woes

  • Plus side...the wedding is cheaper!
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  • We invited 320 and only 220 are coming.
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  • We invited 260 and right now only have 180 coming. And it's mostly a local wedding. I felt unpopular for a few days too. On the plus side, your wedding will be cheaper, as long as you don't have a high minimum guest requirement. 

    I hope that we meet our 200 person minimum so we aren't paying for empty seats.

  • Don't worry about it. If the wedding costs you less, maybe you can find something else to use the money for, like your HM, or toward some home improvements.

    If you are stuck with a minimum number of guests that you have to pay for, in fairness, I'd ask the venue for something "extra", maybe an extra side dish or something, or an upgrade on the bar, something you think they might be willing to provide.
  • I feel your pain...I invited 60 people from my side and 20 have already RSVP'ed 'no.' I cried a bit last week...
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  • We invited 216 and we actually only expect about 130 or so. Mainly because FI has a big extended family but thet are not real close. We decided just to invite everyone but we don't plan on alot of them coming. At least it will be cheaper!
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  • I haven't sent out my invites yet.  I am only planning on inviting about 80 so I hope most are a go. We have to pay for 75 min and I am also requesting an RSVP 4 weeks before.
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  • We invited 237 and only 144 are making it.  I agree, it kind of makes me feel unpopular.  What sucks the most is since we live in AZ almost all of our friends aren't coming which really sucks.  Most of the family will be there.  We have a 250 guest minimum so our guests are going to be treated VERY well since we get to spend all that extra money on additional food and drink.  Try not to take it personal.  All the people that are there want to be there!  It will be more intimate, you can spend more time with each guest and then they will get to talk about how others missed out!  This is what I keep telling myself to keep me upbeat :)  
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  • I don't think you guys should worry about feeling unpopular about about no's....my wedding was in february (no sporting events really, no graduation parties, no other weddings to go to). The only thing people really have to do in february is possibly vacation and our guest list was almost all from michigan. We invited 344 and only about 250 were at the wedding. We would have had like 260 but some where last minute back outs...It is what it is, people have their own stuff and what not. Focus on the loved ones that will be around and not all the suckers :) that have to miss out on all the fun!!!
  • also, think about inviting last minute some of the people that you had to leave off the list because of budget or venue size....I found there were lots of people you either meet closer to the wedding or happen to get closer too that maybe you werent  that close when you initially started planning, or parents friends, etc....people that won't necessarily be offended by the late invite....
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