Wedding Shoppe (in Berkley) sale

Hey everyone, I bought my wedding dress at the Wedding Shoppe in Berkley, and I just got an e-mail that they're having a sale, so I thought I'd pass it on. The e-mail says "sample gowns 30-50% off November 9th - December 3rd. Appointment required." Veils, headpeices, jewelry also on sale.  

Re: Wedding Shoppe (in Berkley) sale

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    What were the prices like in there? It's right down the road from my parent's house so it seems like it might be worth checking out....
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    The prices are pretty comparable to a lot of other local dress shops.. I'd say most of the dresses were between 1 to 2k
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    I ended up going in there and before sale prices ALL of their dresses were 1k-2k. The most unique thing I noticed about it though is that there aren't "big name designer" dresses, they're all made just for that shop.

    I wasn't a huge fan myself, but with some of the discounts, if you happen to fit into the sample size gown you could get a great price.
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