Sunshine DJ - Paul Taylor. Brides who used him.... Reply please

Did you experience horrible communication with him? We booked him a year ago for our April 28 wedding. I haven't heard anything from him since, naturally... There has not been anything to discuss. However, I emailed him 7 days ago with no response. Last year when I needed something from him, it took two emails and a phone call to get a copy of my contract. I just now called him and asked him to call me as soon as he receives the message. I need to pay him and discuss music options, and the wedding is a month and a half away. I booked him based on rave reviews from knotties, but I am very concerned with his lack of communication.
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Re: Sunshine DJ - Paul Taylor. Brides who used him.... Reply please

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    I used him and also had a hard time getting ahold of him.  Try texting him...313-522-6768.  I had better luck when I was texting.  As for payments, he is super laid back.  We met him when we booked him and ended up just doing a conference call late one night to go over all of our songs, etc.  You can always mail him your payment.  I know he works a full time job besides being a DJ, not to make excuses for him.  I was frustrated like you are now, but in the end, he will show up and he is a GREAT dj.  He keeps things moving right along.
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    Thanks. He actually called me last night. He never received the first email I sent him.... Went into spam.
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    We have also booked  him, and Yes..I do way better if I call him. When I do email him he usually calls me instead of emailing me.
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    I'm glad you were able to get a hold of him. As PP said, he does have another full time job, but that's really no excuse. He is a wonderful DJ and very laid back. Hopefully he responds promptly to your e-mails and phone calls going forward. I will say that for a while all of my e-mails I was sending him did get sent right into spam. He should really change his settings!
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