Married and Stopping By with Sneak Peeks (XP)

Hello ladies!  My photographer already had a few sneak peeks for us, and we don't leave for our honeymoon in Hawaii until tomorrow, so I thought I would stop by!

We had a great day.  The forecast was for scattered showers, and I was worried because we wanted outdoor pictures and an outdoor receiving line after the ceremony.  But the weather held off until the moment we entered the reception hall. 

Our only major hiccup occurred before the ceremony; the organist forgot to show up (in spite of being contacted this week with a reminder, etc.)  He was called and arrived about 20-30 minutes late.  I actually didn't find out about it until I realized it was after the ceremony start time, and we hadn't started yet, in spite of the fact that the entire wedding party was there and ready to go (we did pictures before the ceremony).  The priest made a funny announcement to the congregation, and everyone waited pretty patiently.

Without further ado, here are my sneak peeks, courtesy of Amy Schrodt at Pure Amour Photography.  All pictures are around the University of Michigan campus, and were taken prior to the ceremony.

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